Expanding Technology for Minimally Invasive Spine

Wenzel Spine is committed to improving the overall quality of spine care by simplifying procedures and reducing recovery time.

Management Team

Chad Neely, Chief Executive Officer

Chad is the founder and CEO of Wenzel Spine. Chad has spent over 13 years in the Life Science industry, both in leading Wenzel Spine and working in mid-market business finance, specializing in Life Science transactions. Under his direction, Wenzel Spine has grown from an idea to redefine minimally invasive spine surgery into a high growth medical device company with unique and proven products. Chad’s commitment and passion for building top-performing teams, creating a collaborative and innovative work environment, and focusing continuously on the needs of surgeons and their patients has enabled Wenzel Spine’s rapid growth and prepared the business for future expansion and scale.

Chad has extensive experience working with companies managing sales/marketing, strategic planning and product development. Previous to Wenzel Spine, Chad was a Vice President with the Merrill Lynch small and middle market business finance group and Vice President with the Comerica Technology & Life Science team.

William Wilson, Chief Operating Officer

Bill is the Chief Operating Officer for Wenzel Spine. Bill has built his career as an operations and organization management leader and is responsible for the development of the operations, finance, client relations, marketing, and medical education teams at Wenzel Spine. Bill’s experience and expertise have enabled him to expertly manage the continually expanding team and product portfolio. He is focused on ensuring that the company’s growth is always focused on our surgeon partners and bringing value to their patients, as well as continually growing the exceptional Wenzel Spine team.

Prior to joining Wenzel Spine, Bill lead a Product Group Strategy team at Dell. As a Six Sigma black belt, Bill lead key strategic efforts to leverage new efficiency methods to improve operations and drastically reduce product warranty costs.

Clint Hampton, Executive Vice President, Sales

Clint is responsible for the company’s Worldwide Sales Organization. As Sales Leader, Clint is focused on building a base of strong distribution partners and enabling a first in class Sales Team. His leadership and general expertise helps our distributors bring reliable and differentiated products to their surgeons to consistently grow and expand the company into new markets.

Prior to joining Wenzel Spine, Clint served as CEO of Employer Direct Healthcare, a healthcare service business that provides solutions for self-funded employers to lower procedure costs, while accessing top quality care. Clint spent 13 years with Stryker Orthopedics, where he served as an Area Vice President and a General Manager.

Matt Marino, Vice President of Finance

Matt leads the company’s finance, accounting, planning and risk management teams. Matt has built his career as a finance executive helping life science and technologies manage all stages of growth. His deep experience in working with high growth companies in the Spine industry make Matt ideally suited to help Wenzel Spine manage its next stage of high growth.

Prior to joining Wenzel Spine, Matt was VP of Finance & Administration for LDR Spine, a $200M mid-stage spine company, where he managed finance, accounting, treasury management and strategic budgeting. Matt also held positions with Waveset Technologies, Applied Science Fiction, and Tivoli Systems.

Beckinam Nowatzke, Director of Regulatory Compliance & Clinical Research

Becki leads Quality, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs for Wenzel Spine. Becki embodies Wenzel Spine’s dedication to uncompromised quality. Becki and her team ensure that the compliance systems employed by the company not only safeguards best in class quality, but also enhances, rather than hinders, Wenzel’s ability to execute on strategic initiatives.

Becki is an accomplished Quality & Regulatory Affairs professional with over 16 years of experience across the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, CRO, and Medical Device industries. Becki has managed GxP Quality Assurance Compliance processes, Quality Improvement initiatives, and Quality System implementations. She also has extensive experience managing medical device regulatory processes and compliance systems.

Prior to joining Wenzel Spine, Becki held positions with Amgen, Biomimetic Therapeutics, CEDRA Clinical Research and most recently as the Senior Manager for U.S. Quality Affairs at LDR Spine, Inc.

Erik Emstad, Director of Product Development

Erik leads product development and engineering activities at Wenzel Spine. Together with his team of outstanding development engineers, Wenzel Spine’s product development team has over 50 years of orthopedic and spine product development and engineering experience.

The engineering team’s ability to innovate and rapidly drive quality products to market has enabled Wenzel Spine to offer unique products that redefine minimally invasive surgical techniques to its surgeon partners. The team’s dedication has enabled the company to offer exceptionally high quality product systems that are both reliable and scalable.

Prior to joining Wenzel Spine, Erik held senior product development and engineering positions with Integra Spine, Raymedica, and Zimmer Spine.

Scientific Advisory Board

Wenzel Spine collaborates with respected medical professionals who provide invaluable technical and clinical expertise.

Adam Lewis, MD

Dr. Adam Lewis began his distinguished medical career at Harvard University where he received his B.A. in 1986. He went on from there to receive his M.D. from Georgetown University and continued his internship and residency at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center from 1990-1995. He later trained in multiple spinal treatment techniques and developed instrumentation for spinal procedures. He has received multiple research grants from national institutes and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. An avid researcher, Dr. Lewis has written and co-written over 50 works in the field of neuroscience to showcase his knowledge as a spine and brain specialist. Dr. Adam Lewis is one of the top neurosurgeons out there.

Dr. Lewis is also a prized teacher and speaker having delivered lectures at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, and in recent years at the St. Dominic’s Neuroscience Conferences. He has also served as an Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery at UMMC, and he is the owner and president of the Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic, one of the most successful clinics of its kind in the Southeast.

Frank Fichtel, MD

Dr. Frank Fichtel is a highly respected neurological surgeon specializing in adult neurosurgery. He provides invaluable technical and clinical expertise to advance minimally invasive surgical solutions by reducing recovery time and improving clinical outcomes for patients. Dr. Fitchel graduated from Baylor University Medical School and went on to complete his residency and internship at the University of Texas Southwestern Affiliated Hospitals in Dallas. He currently remains active in several professional medical organizations.

Thomas Wilson, MD

Dr. Thomas A. Wilson was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He attended Washington and Lee University for his undergraduate education before attending medical school at Vanderbilt University. Following medical school, he then completed his internship and neurosurgery residency at Wake Forest University. Dr. Wilson is Board Certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgeons and a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Jefferson County Medical Society, and the Medical Association of the State of Alabama. He is a partner in Neurosurgical Associates and has held several leadership positions on the medical staff of St. Vincent’s Birmingham..

Wenzel Spine Values

Wenzel Spine’s values are the cornerstone to our corporate culture.


Developing Solutions to Simplify Spine Surgery.

We passionately strive to help our surgeons improve the lives of the patient’s in their care.


Delivering on the Commitments We Make.

We empower our employees to take ownership and constantly innovate. Bringing first in class service and technologies to surgeons and partners.


Measuring Results Across the System.

Our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that have a positive impact across the entire healthcare system.


Valuing Every Person at Wenzel Spine.

We believe that the single greatest asset at Wenzel Spine is our people.

Transparency & Ethics

We implemented our Corporate Compliance Program in April of 2010 and hold all employees and partners to the principles and regulations contained in our Compliance Program.

At Wenzel Spine, transparency is integral to delivering on our commitment to uncompromised integrity. Our team is committed to managing all of our relationships with healthcare professionals in an ethical and transparent manner. We understand the potential problems caused by conflicts of interest and the seriousness of healthcare fraud and abuse. Our corporate compliance program was developed and implemented to ensure ethical business practices from our top management, independent sales force, and consulting healthcare professionals.

Commitment To Quality

At Wenzel Spine, our goal is to manufacture products of the highest quality to support our surgeon customers in the care and treatment of their patients. Wenzel Spine works to maintain a reputation for customer-focused quality by consistently fulfilling surgeons’ expectations. The Wenzel Spine Quality Management System enhances customer confidence and safety, improves conformity to quality requirements, and ensures adherence to regulatory requirements.

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